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Fashion designer Jessica West founded Isla Aditi to empower women. The story began with her personal desire for new adventure and love for travel, especially to exotic tropical locations. Isla Aditi was born when Jessica spent a summer on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. She was captivated by breath-taking sunsets and luxurious sea-side resorts. The beauty and cultural richness of the island gave her new perspectives and inspirations.

Jessica wanted to share her experiences in the context of the peaceful, crystal clear waters she loved the most. When she returned to her California home, she dedicated herself to the creation of the resort swimwear brand Isla Aditi. Jessica’s vision for Isla Aditi was to create a brand known for chic and sensual timeless beauty that inspires women to live bold, adventurous lives. The name “Isla,” Spanish for island, reflects the brand’s island inspiration and resort lifestyle. “Aditi” was the name of an ancient goddess that captures the spirit of the brand, to live boundless and free.

Isla Aditi is a modern lifestyle brand synonymous with beauty, luxury, and quality . Jessica’s architecturally influenced collections are fused with bold colors, vintage flare, and tropical inspirations. Her suits are manufactured in the United States, and constructed with impeccable attention to detail. The seamless, reversible design allows each woman to express her singular beauty with a gorgeous, sexy fit.

Isla Aditi empowers women globally. Leisure time is spent wearing our swimwear, in and around water. Water also plays a vital role in rural communities around the world in basic survival, poverty alleviation and the empowerment of women. In the spirit of giving beyond ourselves, Jessica partnered Isla Aditi with ComeUnity Now, a U.S. based non-profit that shares her passions. Each year a portion of Isla Aditi’s profits will go to ComeUnity Now to help them fund education for Maasai girl in rural Kenya, and provide sustainable, clean water solutions in their local communities.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel Merchandising and Management with a sub-focus in Apparel Production from California State Polytechnic University. She lives in the coastal city of Manhattan Beach with her two daughters, Lauren and Audrey. Together they enjoy time in the sun and seek out new adventures and inspirations around the globe. Be adventurous, boldly inspired, and empowered to live boundless & free.

Jessica West


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