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Connie Borja lives and breathes all things Los Angeles, but her origins have always stayed close to her heart. Her story begins in , Colombia, and the South American country of her birth remains one of her key inspirations.

From an early age, Connie recognized that style was one of her major passions, and following her graduation she moved to Medellin to study Swimwear fashion.

The inspirational environs of LA drove Connie to combine her loves for life and fashion, and she soon found herself working as a style columnist for a Latin newspaper. When Miss Multicultural beauty came calling – enlisting her help in producing the pageant – Ms. Borja’s future began to take shape.

Connie’s first steps into the worlds of design and label ownership came in 2002, with the launch of Nene, an infant clothing line. The seeds were sown for the next stages of her career. Buoyed by the success of this line – and with her passions inflamed by working in the pageant production business – Connie set her sights on creating her own swimwear line.

After over a decade working in pageant production, Connie launched her first swimwear line under the mantle of Amour Swimwear, a line which took cues from the vibrancy and vigor of Los Angeles as well as from her South American roots. Amour sponsor bikinis for Miss Guatemala US, Miss Brazil USA and The Queen of the Universe. She was also featured in several national and international magazines.

But Connie was not content. Years of searching had still not yielded a specialized fashion show in her industry. So in 2015, she launched her own. Los Angeles Swim Week was born, with a view to providing a sustainable platform for budding swimwear designers and to foster connections between industry figures on a national and international level.

The inaugural event, held in the summer of 2015, sparked a storm among designers, publishers and bikini aficionados on the West Coast and beyond, showcasing a diverse range of lingerie and swimwear collections from a variety of innovative designers. These luxury brands have the power to revolutionize the swimwear industry, and Connie predicts that more than a few of these up-and-coming designers will go on to make a lasting impression on the world of fashion.

Alongside LA Swim Week, Connie runs LA Swim Magazine, a publication aimed at connecting swimwear fans with the latest trends and news in the industry. As she gears up for the third Edition of LA Swim Week this summer, Connie is looking forward to even greater challenges and successes in the future.

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