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LA Swim Week Comes Back 

There's something about Los Angeles which captures the imagination. Maybe it is the Hollywood glitz and glamour that is found around every corner. Perhaps it is the sense of opportunity and possibility which fills the air. Or it could be the endless creativity and innovation that this city seems to inspire.

At LA Swim, we are proud to say that we tap into all of this and more. Our magazine is a celebration of the spell-binding swimwear creations of LA's designers, and of the unique, electrifying atmosphere of this city we call home.

The LA Swim Week fashion show event crystallizes the magic of the Los Angeles swimwear design scene, showcasing the very best talent from around the region and further afield, as well as introducing new creations from already established names.

LA Swim Week coming back stronger than ever, with a roster of design talent which promises to charm and amaze in equal measure. We hope that you can join us once again for our fourth annual edition.

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The Concept

We take our inspiration from Los Angeles, feeding off the joyous energy of this place and creating something which all can enjoy. But the LA Swim Week concept is a far more international affair.

This year, like those before, our catwalks will be graced not only by Los Angeles' dazzling design talent, but by similarly incredible creations from further afield. We are a global community, united by our love of creativity, of swimwear, and of the beachlife ethos that comes with it.

Our designers are chosen not for their proximity to Griffith Park or Venice Beach, but for their passion and innovation in the field of swimwear. This is an event which brings us all together, which flies a united flag of inspiration, co-operation, and appreciation. Clear your schedule, make space in your calendar, and come and see what all the buzz is about.


What is swimwear? Swimwear is more than just something which looks great at the beach. Swimwear is a cultural focal point, a concept which has inspired so many over the past decades, and which will continue to do so as we look ahead towards the future.

Our LA Swim Week guests reflect this. From top designers and industry insiders to stars of stage and screen, expect a broad range of celebrities attendees at this year's event.

But we wouldn't be able to do this without you, so don't forget to join us for another swimwear celebration in LA this summer.